True Wealth began with a vision to protect and empower individuals, offering reliable insurance solutions for life's uncertainties.

About True Wealth

True Wealth Financial  is a premier nationwide life & health insurance agency dedicated to serving ourinsurance clients. Our core purpose is to empower life insurance agents, enabling them to evolve into their best selves. Through this transformation, they can provide unparalleled service, safeguarding and enhancing our clients’ financial legacies.
Based in Columbus, Ohio, we extend our services across the nation to cater specifically to life insurance clients. Our commitment lies in adhering to ethical standards that align perfectly with your life insurance objectives. We excel in simplifying the intricacies of life insurance, ensuring a transparent and straightforward experience for our valued clients.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Personalized Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to address your unique financial needs and goals. Keeping your specific circumstances in mind, we design specialized financial plans.

Supportive Community

True Wealth Financial isn't just an insurance agency; it's a welcoming community. We encourage you to seek advice, share experiences, and grow together in a friendly and supportive environment.

Financial Clarity

We understand that financial literacy can be overwhelming at times. Our experienced agents are here to simplify the conversation, making it easier for you to grasp and make informed decisions.

Efficient Communication

We value your time and provide quick responses and effective communication. Our team is dedicated to addressing your needs promptly.

Trust and Integrity

At True Wealth Financial, you're not just another client; you're part of our extended family. Our team consists of honest, educated, and trustworthy professionals committed to your financial well-being.

Vision Alignment

We're not just financial advisors; we're financial partners. Our approach is built on understanding your vision and aligning our strategies to help you achieve it.

Our Mission

Mission True Wealth

Our mission at True Wealth Financial is clear and resolute. We are committed to positively impacting the lives of millions through comprehensive financial services and insurance education. We believe that financial literacy is the key to achieving financial security and peace of mind. By empowering individuals with knowledge and offering them tailored solutions, we aim to make a lasting, positive difference in their lives.

Our Vision

Vision True Wealth

At True Wealth Financial, our vision is ambitious and purposeful. We aspire to create a thriving community for our agents, fostering an environment where they can grow, learn, and prosper. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in leaving behind a meaningful financial legacy for the next generation. Our vision is about building a legacy of financial security, knowledge, and prosperity that endures for years to come.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Meet Michael Kwarteng, Founder & CEO of True Wealth Financial

Michael is the youngest child of two hard working parents name Unity and Seth. Both of his parents were born in Ghana and came to America to give opportunities to their 4 children they never had. Michael grew up watching his parents work countless hours to make ends meet. He credits his strong work ethic to the morals & values his parents instilled in him. Most importantly his parents also taught him to have a strong relationship with God. 

Michael now is a college graduate from The Ohio State University where he played collegiate rugby player, and now an insurance agency owner assisting others live the life they truly desire 

Meet Jalon Talley, Founder & CVO of True Wealth Financial

Jalon was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from The Ohio State university with an undergraduate degree in HDFS. In 2019 he began his entrepreneurial journey in Financial Services and now spends most of his time assisting business professionals obtain mental clarity to help them reach their desired goals.

He attributes his success to GOD and believes in sharing the valuable lessons learned from mentors and coaches to help others grow and develop spiritually & financially..